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Your competent Child

Toward a new paradigm in parenting and education

Your competent Child

The foundation of Jesper Juul’s work is his literature The internationally acclaimed best-seller “Your Competent Child” and the revised edition “Raising Competent Children” continue to be top-sellers. Translated into more than 15 languages, it is a benchmark book presenting a New Paradigm of parenting. With a focus on relationships between adults and children, this book offers an all important alternative to authoritarian parenting. A great introduction and a must-read if you have an interest in children. You will refer to it over and over again.


Video Workshop

The art of saying No!

Video Workshop
  • A new, amazingly, simple, and absolutely vital approach to raising children.
  • Easy to understand tools and numerous examples that you can quickly apply to your own family.
  • Jesper's in-depth wisdom having worked with children and their parents for 40 years.
  • Refreshing, honest and practical advise on how to be a better role model for your child, and a better spouse for   your partner, simply by learning how to say "No" to others and "Yes" to yourself. 



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